Dedicated to the slow traveler. The clean beauty and wellness enthusiast.  The adventure seeker and the wanderer.  The one who travels deeper, whether in-transit or in everyday life.

While traveling overseas for several months, founder Monica Rosario realized how important it was to maintain a bit of her at-home self-care regimen in order to tackle travel stress, take on new adventures with ease, process her experiences and above all, stay well and balanced so that she could fully enjoy her journey. Disappointed with not being able to find a one-stop-shop for a variety of travel-friendly, natural self-care and wellness products, she created BIRD+ANCHOR to make it easy and convenient for travelers to take their self-care on the go.  

By offering the ability to seamlessly build a self-care arsenal from scratch, BIRD+ANCHOR aims to inspire others to indulge in mindful travel rituals that will create space for a more meaningful and balanced experience.

Our brand is inspired by nature, travel, wellness, and balance, which is why we are committed to carrying products that are good for you, good for the earth, and have a focus on overall well-being. We mindfully source products from independent and eco-chic brands that are crafted with high quality, sustainable, and non-toxic ingredients, and in most cases, made in small batches in the USA.  


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