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Herbal Tea - Traveler Pack of 5


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Refresh, reenergize, or enjoy some quiet time with this assortment of 5 unique teas individually sealed in biodegradable tea bags.  Each 100% plant-based bag is hand-filled, hand-tied and hand-sealed in certified biodegradable and compostable, non-toxic bags.

Free of:  GMOs, gluten, pesticides, preservatives, bleach, nylon, plastic and metal.

Rooibos: clarify · caffeine-free
Counter the effects of a busy lifestyle with healing minerals.

Silver tip white: rejuvenate · low caffeine
Youthful antioxidants restore luminosity & vitality.

Yerba mate: conquer · high caffeine
Nutrients regenerate stamina for high performance.

Mint oolong: cleanse · medium caffeine
Refresh with luxurious detoxifying minerals.